How do the top innovators keep winning?


Here is a head’s up from PwC’s Strategy&, a global team of practical strategists, committed to helping clients seize essential advantage by working alongside them to solve their toughest problems, and capture their greatest opportunities.

This means helping clients undertake complicated, risky change. Its heritage of working on clients’ toughest problems, combined with the breadth and depth of the PwC network, means that the firm delivers speed, certainty, resiliency, and impact.

Strategy& was formed on March 31, 2014, when Booz & Company combined with PwC to create a new kind of consulting business. To learn more about the firm, please click here.

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We have found that nearly every company follows one of three strategies, need seeker, market reader, or technology driver. And for each of these strategies, there is a distinct set of capabilities that top performers identify as most critical.

And for those companies that focus on the “right” capabilities, execute them well, and align their innovation strategy with overall corporate strategy, we have observed what we call a “coherence premium.” We have found that companies ranked in the top third in terms of coherence had 22 percent higher profit margins, on average, have achieved 18 percent greater market capitalization growth.

Here are two critically important questions to consider:

What is your strategy?
What capabilities do you need to succeed?

To check out a brief strategy assessment tool to profile your strategy and understand the capabilities you need to succeed, please click here.

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