Help Your Team Face Uncertainty by Acknowledging It

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Uncertainty, whether it’s due to a reorganization at your company or political turmoil, is uncomfortable for everyone.

o If you sense that your employees are concerned about the future, don’t carry on with business as usual — directly acknowledge the issue.

o Even if your intention is to keep people focused, bottling your emotions and expecting employees to do the same can be dangerous. People may start to feel uncomfortable voicing their feelings or concerns.

o Some of your team members may look around and wonder how their colleagues are keeping it together while they’re losing sleep.

o Acknowledge that things seem chaotic and unpredictable at the moment. At the same time, avoid getting stuck in a negative spiral.

Openly admit that you understand how people are feeling, but then talk about how everyone can stay productive together.

Adapted from “How to Keep Your Team Focused and Productive During Uncertain Times,” by Amy Gallo

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