Help Your Colleagues Process Strong Emotions

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Sometimes a colleague has a strong emotional reaction to something, whether it’s about a struggling project, negative feedback, or a brewing conflict. You may be tempted to keep your distance, hoping that things will blow over, but it’s better to proactively be there for your colleague.

o Offer to sit in a quiet room with them and hear them out.

o Empathize with what they’re experiencing and validate their feelings. Your goal is to help the colleague calm down and get perspective on the situation. Ask questions that allow them to share their emotions and make sense of the situation.

o Point out where they might have acted rashly, and encourage them to consider the issue thoughtfully. Then help them think through options for taking appropriate action.

By creating this space for your colleague to slow down and process what happened, you can ensure that their next steps are a productive response.

Adapted from “Good Mentors Help You Work Through Strong Emotions,” by Wendy Murphy

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