Great Teams: Results & Relationships

In Extreme Teams, Robert Bruce Shaw explains “why Pixar, Netflix, Airbnb, and other cutting-edge companies succeed where most fail.” They create a workplace culture within which great teams are most likely to thrive.

Shaw suggests takeaways for each chapter. These conclude Chapter 1:

o “The fundamental dynamic in teams is delivering results while building relationships. Every team faces the challenge of doing both.”

o “In many cases, results and relationships are synergistic — each supporting the other and producing virtuous cycles (where results enhance relationships and relationships enhance results.”

o “In some situations, however, results and relationships are antagonistic, with extremes in one undermining the other. An excessive focus on results can erode relation ships; an excessive focus on relationships can erode results.”

o “Many teams strive to manage the interplay between results and relationships by maintaining an acceptable e equilibrium — enough results to move the group forward without taking undue risk.”

o “Striving for equilibrium, however, is a seductive trap. It can result in stagnation as a team seeks to maintain a comfortable balance between results and relationships in an environment that requires more of each [of one or of the other or of both].”

o “Genius, in teams, is found at the edges. Cutting-edge teams push the results and relationships to the breaking point with an understanding of the need to manage the risks that come with doing so.”

Extreme Teams was published by AMACOM (February 2017).

Robert Bruce Shaw assists business leaders in building organizations and teams capable of superior performance. His specialty is working closely with senior executives, as individuals and as groups, on organizational and leadership effectiveness. Robert works with leaders in new positions to help them transition into their roles and with longer-tenured leaders seeking to enhance their impact.

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