Geoffrey Colon on “Four Goals for Disruptive Marketers”

disruptive-marketingIn Disruptive Marketing (AMACOM August 2016), Geoffrey Colon suggests that that there is a new paradigm in marketing. The best minds (data punks, designers, and creative hybrids) “use social business models and insights instead of hierarchical org charts, while immersing themselves in the customer experience and creating culture. This is disruptive marketing. This is the new normal.”

Which goals and objectives should be adopted when taking on disruptive marketing or looking to strengthening it within an organization?

Colon suggests four:

1. Designing products, services, solutions, or causes that meet the demands of an emerging market. This spills into…

2. Reshaping or reengineering an existing product, service, solution, or cause so that it meets the demands of customers unsatisfied by current offerings. Many companies give up on customers who don’t like their products. But that attitude could stunt your sustained growth and put you out of business

3. Customer centricity. “This is where the art of immersion or enchantment fits in. Customers want to go deep into your world, not simply be told about it. The best way to understand that customer is through…

4. Emotional intelligence. “Disruptive marketing blurs the line to the point where customers and [a company’s] employees are one and the same, and they use communication tools to create products in tandem.”

“That last point is forward thinking. I can’t name one company that has reached that state of nirvana yet. But if we pay more attention to human behavior, design, and psychology than to technology, this is ultimately what customers want and crave, and what disruptive marketing can deliver.”

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