Gary Hamel gives all of us something to think about this weekend….

For most of us, weekends provide an opportunity to take a rest from thinking about weekday concerns and consider less urgent – but perhaps much more important – issues.

For example:

In The Future of Management, co-authored with Bill Breen and published by Harvard Business Review Press (September 10, 2007), Gary Hamel oberves, “New problems demand new principles. Put bluntly, there’s simply no way to build tomorrow’s essential organizational capabilities – resilience, innovation, and employee engagement – atop the scaffolding of 20th century principles….”

He goes on to suggest, “In an age of wrenching change and hyper-competition, the most valuable human capabilities are precisely those that are least manageable.”

What major changes will you make to build “tomorrow’s essential organizational capabilities” for your company?

That’s worth some serious mulling….

As for me, I know that I must change my thinking about what I do and how I do it.  That is the focus of this weekend.


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