Earning an M.B.A. degree: A mini-commentary

imagesI am constantly asked for advice on various business or business-related issues and I am happy to comply, either with my own opinion or – more often — with a reference to a much better source. For example, a woman once contacted me:

“I am 46 and want to earn an M.B.A. My company will pay for it, my husband and children are urging me to do it, but it will take six years to complete the requirements on a part-time basis.”

My response: “When you are 52, which would you prefer: have an M.B.A. or not have one?”

Last December, I got a Christmas card from her with a note that she earned the degree “in only five years!”

An M.B.A. degree is obviously not for everyone but for some people….

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  1. Richard Vanderslice on April 1, 2016 at 8:41 am

    The MBA is the deal breaker in the next job promotion or next job search. It takes an effort to earn it,

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