During Vacation, Don’t Check Email Unless You Really, Really Have To


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When you go on vacation, ideally you should disconnect from work completely. But if going off the grid truly is not an option for you, set boundaries for yourself so that you aren’t tethered to your device.

o Make a plan to check your messages once a day at a particular time, or only on certain days.

o Put your phone out of reach — your hotel room’s safe is a good place — or, if you want to use it to take pictures, keep it in airplane mode.

o You can also reduce the number of emails you get by making clear in your out-of-office message that you are not reachable. Even if you plan to occasionally check in, telling people that you’re available only encourages them to expect a reply.

Your out-of-office message gives you the freedom to choose how and when you’ll respond (if at all) while you’re away.

Adapted from “3 Ways to Control Your Phone Addiction on Vacation,” by Regan Walsh

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