Disney’s Land: A book review by Bob Morris

Disney’s Land: Walt Disney and the Invention of the Amusement Park That Changed the World
Richard Snow
Scribner (December 2019)

After 65 years, still a  magic kingdom that is an “oasis for happiness”

I visited Disneyland soon after Disneyland’s doors were opened for the first time (on July 17, 1955) and immediately knew that it was a very special place, indeed a magical place, unlike any other. Since that day, I have returned several times and hope to have at least one more visit.

What we have in this volume is probably a definitive examination of what was required to create what was then an amusement park wholly unlike any other in the entire world. Richard Snow thoroughly explains every possible dimension of what is best viewed as a collective HOW. How it was planned and then the plans were revised. How it was built and all the construction problems that developed. There were site location issues, financial issues, legal issues, marketing issues, personnel issues….and a wide range of refinement issues that continue until now.

However, one vision has remained the same throughout more than six decades. It was developed by one of history’s greatest storytellers: Walter Elias Disney (1901-1966). Here it is: “to entertain, inform and inspire people around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling, reflecting the iconic brands, creative minds and innovative technologies that make ours the world’s premier entertainment company.”

Briefly, Walt Disney was an American entrepreneur, animator, voice actor and film producer. A pioneer of the American animation industry, he introduced several developments in the production of cartoons. As a film producer, Disney holds the record for most Academy Awards earned by an individual, having won 22 Oscars from 59 nominations.


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