Dare to Lead Like a Girl : A book review by Bob Morris

Dare to Lead Like a Girl: How to Survive and Thrive in the Corporate Jungle
Dalia Feldheim
Rowman & Littlefield (June 2022)

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re probably right.” Henry Ford

Briefly, these are the strategic objectives that Dalia Feldheim achieves in her book. She enables her reader to gain a wider and deeper understanding of HOW TO

o Lead with purpose
o Excel in the art and science of goal setting
o Master management of energy rather than time
o Embrace “the science of doing nothing” (i.e. nourish the mind and soul”)
o Eliminate fear, doubt and other self-limits

o “Dance with adversity”
o Nourish your relationship with yourself
o Nourish the relationship with your partner
o Maintain an appropriate, adjustable balance of work/life priorities as a parent
o Inspire others to follow because you have earned their respect and trust

NOTE: “People won’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Theodore Roosevelt

o HOW TO understand and appreciate the fact that “women hold up half the sky”
o Become politically savvy (e.g. what works in a community, what doesn’t, and why)
o Develop “emotional bravery”
o Appreciate and affirm what is positive
o Manage “postraumatic growth”

I urge those who read this book to highlight key passages and keep a lined notebook near at hand in which to record comments, questions, page references, etc. It will also be handy to have when completing various exercises that Feldheim includes. These two tactics will facilitate, indeed accelerate frequent reviews of key material later.

In an article published by Harvard Business Review, Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman cite substantial evidence to support their assertion that “women are perceived by their managers — particularly their male managers — to be slightly more effective than men at every hierarchical level and in virtually every functional area of the organization.” Contrary to what many people assume, those areas include legal and finance.

During thousands of 360-degree reviews, women outscored men on 17 of the 19 capabilities that differentiate excellent leaders from average or poor ones.

Capability Women’s percentile and Men’s percentile
Takes initiative:                                                  55.6   48.2
Resilience                                                           54.7   49.3
Practices self-development                             54.8   49.6
Drives for results                                               53.9   48.8
Displays high integrity and honesty                54.0   49.1
Develops others                                                54.1   49.8
Inspires and motivates others                         53.9   49.7
Bold leadership                                                 53.2   49.8
Builds relationships                                          53.2   49.9
Champions change                                           53.1   49.8
Establishes stretch goals                                 52.6   49.7
Collaboration and teamwork                            52.6   50.2
Connects to the outside world                         51.6   50.3
Communicates powerfully and prolifically      51.8   50.7
Solves problems and analyzes issues             51.5   50.4
Leadership speed                                              51.5   50.5
Innovates                                                            51.4   51.0
Technical or professional expertise                 50.1   51.1
Develops strategic perspective                       50.1   51.4
Many young women are victims of self-imposed limits. They have become convinced that they lack whatever it takes to become an effective leader [begin itaics] because they’re a woman [end itaics]. They resent but too many now accept all manner of inequalities, notably income and career opportunities. As the Ford observation suggests, they have a self-defeating attitude.
Dalia Feldheim wrote this book in order to prevent or eliminate that attitude. Bravo!



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