Business Basics: Marketing & Branding

For thousands of years, the basic purpose of marketing has been to create or increase demand for whatever is offered. Originally, people went to a market; today, they go to a physical or online location. Others check out what is offered in a catalog.

To create that demand, sellers or traders must attract attention to what they offer by making it an attractive brand.

It could be an organizational brand: “If it’s a Rolex, it must be a very fine watch.”

Or it could be a product brand: “Maxwell House coffee is good to the last drop.”

Or it could be a personal brand: “The Rolling Stones never give a bad performance.”

Brand managers try to control the words and images associated with a brand.

Brands can be strong or weak, positive of negative. Some (e.g. Bill Cosby) can be each of the four at one time or another.

If a brand is consistently both strong and positive, it will consistently be in demand.

How attractive is what you offer?

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