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President’s Day is a federal holiday, which is celebrated in the U.S on the third Monday of February. The holiday is dedicated to the first president, George Washington and is celebrated in lieu of his birthday. In 1885, the third Monday of the month was declared as the President’s Day and since then this event and holiday is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout the nation. Though the federal Government still considers it as the “Washington’s Birthday,” but is officially known as the President’s Day.

The day is basically dedicated to all the presidents of the country, but there are still some people who consider as a birthday holiday of their former president, George Washington. But there are certain more things we bet you don’t know untill now. Throwing light on the hidden past, here is the list of facts about President’s Day that are generally unknown. Take a look:

o Officially it’s a President’s Day, Federally it is not: Though declared in 1885, President’s Day is still not accepted as one. The Federal Govt. considers it as the birthday of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Though both of them have birthdays on different dates, Feb 12 and Feb 22; but apparently it is celebrated as President’s Day.

o Third Monday of February is a Holiday, no matter what the date is: Every year third Monday of the month is a holiday for President’s Day. It is strange that the dates would never remain the same each year, but still the tradition is followed blindly. Not just this, the birthdays of both the presidents, whom the day is dedicated also fall on different days.

o Whether President’s Day or Birthday, it’s a holiday: Well, nobody clearly knows why the day is being celebrated, but everyone enjoys the holiday as it was already announced. In some parts of the country, people don’t even know why there is a holiday but they enjoy the long weekend and utilize it in the best possible way.

o New Mexico celebrates President Day after Thanksgiving: Now this is yet another fact that will make you scratch your head in surprise. Though being in the same country, New Mexico celebrates the holiday the next day of Thanksgiving, i.e. somewhat in November. Isn’t that weird? So, when will you go to New Mexico for spending President’s Day holiday!

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The portrait of him (above) was painted by Gilbert Stuart in 1797.

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