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In The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google, published by Portfolio/Penguin Random House (October 2017), Scott Galloway claims that “it’s never been easier to be a billionaire, but it’s never been harder to be a millionaire.” He explains why in this book.

His thoughts about what business school should teach caught my eye.

At NYU’s Stern School of Business at which Galloway teaches, the pillars are Finance, Marketing, Operation, and Management. “This curriculum takes up students’ entire first year, and the skills learned serve them well for the rest of their professional lives.”

Galloway goes on to suggest, “I believe fundamentals of the first year need to be supplemented with similar insights into how these skills are applied in a modern economy. The pillars of the second year should be a study of the Four and the sectors they operate in (search, social, brand, retail). To better understand these firms, the instincts they tap into, and their interaction between technology and stakeholder value, is to gain insight into modern-day business, our world, and ourselves.”

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Most people have no idea what the “hidden DNA” of business success is and are unable to attend a business school full-time or even part-time.

You may be one of them. There are learning modules that will enable you to proceed with self-directed business education best suited to your needs and interests.

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