Are there any really compelling examples of credibility?

Arthur Ashe

Finally, play resumed, Ashe held serve and won the match. During the awarding of trophies later, announcer Bud Collins asked Smith about the call. Was it the turning point? “Yeh, probably.” Collins then noted how unpopular the call was. What did Smith think? “Arthur said my shot was out. If Arthur says it’s out, that’s good enough for me.”

Bob Jones (Painting by Dwight David Eisenhower)

Here’s another. Decades apart, golfers Bob Jones and Tom Kite both called penalties on themselves for violations that no one

Tom Kite

else saw while playing the final hole of a major tournament. They lost the tournament by one stroke. When each was later asked why he called a penalty on himself for a violation no one else saw, each replied, “I saw it.”


It is also worth noting that in Maine, folks have a unique way of expressing themselves.  Here’s one of my favorites. “Lived here all your life?” “Not yet.” As for commenting on those with dubious credibility: “Won’t say he’s dishonest but if he wants his cows to come home, he’s gotta get someone else to call ‘em.”


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