An Abundance of What?

I have just read and will soon review Peter Diamonds and Steven Kotler’s book, Abundance, in which they explain why the future is better than most people think.

Perhaps I need to re-read the book because I remain deeply concerned about abundances such as these:
o  Federal, state, county, and municipal government debt
o  Presses to print currency that only the federal government has
o  U.S. citizens without any health insurance coverage
o  ”Upside-down” residential mortgages
o  Credit card debt
o  Student loan debt
o  U.S. trade debt
o  Obese children
o  Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 filings
o  High school graduates who are functional illiterates
o  Under-employed, unemployed, and unemployable

Diamonds and Kotler seem to have total confidence in what they predict will an abundance of progress during the next eight years when “three billion new individuals will be coming online, joining the global conversation, and contributing to the global economy.”

I do not share that confidence. What do you think? Read the book and decide for yourself.
Better yet, let’s all help to reduce the obscene abundance in one or more of the areas indicated earlier.

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