3 Secrets of C Level Leadership

3 SecretsHere is a brief excerpt from an article by Neil Steggall and featured by LinkedIn Pulse. To check out all the other resources, please click here.

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Reaching the top in business requires you to develop and utilise a wide range of leadership and management skills, however, if you can develop these three specific skills you will grow and prosper. The change is that strong. Take these three leadership skills and embrace them in both your business and life.

[Here is the first of Stegall’s three recommendations.]

1. Say “No” – A Small Word A Huge Difference.

Understanding both when and how to say “No” is a skill in its self. Effective leaders always aim to be respected rather than liked. To build a lasting reputation as a business leader, it is important that you understand the power of the word “No”. You are in charge of your business and your life, you make the key decisions for the greater good, “yes” men come and go, true leaders stay the distance.

It is a mistake to think you can be everything to and for everyone. It is also a mistake to believe that everyone is going to follow through on their word. You must understand that it is often best to say “No”.

Remember that your team looks to you to know when and how to make the tough decisions, those that will lead the business, and them, to success.

Great leaders tend to under promise and over deliver, to operate for the success of the venture, to hold true to the goals. Saying “No” can be tough but it’s a form of “tough love” which benefits the majority.

Have you seen a child that has never been taught the word “No”? Bye and large they are angry, spoilt, badly behaved and heading for huge disappointments in life. Parents who think and care, will regularly discipline, guide and encourage their children; in turn they will raise well-mannered, focused and caring adults. In building a powerful team in the work place the same regular structure, guidance and encouragement will build a strong and successful team.
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“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”

“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.”

These are amongst the most valuable 24 words I have ever read and are certainly 24 words which every leader should know backwards.

Remember your goal is to make the right decision. To improve your chances of doing so canvass your staff, advisors, mentors, friends and consider their advice. Empower yourself, remember the “No” word and when ready, after due consideration, make your decision. If your “gut” says yes you are probably right, after all you are a great leader.

In summary, keep your mind open, embrace knowledge and growth and engender trust and respect within your team.

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StegallNeil Steggall specialises in providing corporate business advice on the management turnaround and strategic re-development of mid tier, emerging growth companies. He is an authority on equity placement, corporate debt and the implementation of alternate or non conforming debt and equity structures for business.
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