25 Biggest and Most Embarrassing Mistakes Ever Made

Years ago, Washington Redskins’ QB Joe Thiesman objected to a sportswriter’s reference to “dumb jocks.”

“Hey look, we can’t all be Fred Einstein!”

Here is a brief excerpt from one of the dozens of interesting lists featured at the 25 List website.

Check out 25-21 on this list of the biggest and most embarrassing mistakes ever made:

25. NASA accidentally taping over the moon landing. In fact, there are no known original recordings of the event.

24. It took 177 years to build the Tower of Pisa and only 10 years for it to start leaning.

23. There weren’t enough life boats on the Titanic because it was “unsinkable.”

22. Decca Records turned down the Beatles because they weren’t “sellable.” Enter EMI.

21. NASA lost a Mars orbiter because part of the team used metric units and the other half used English.

Here is a direct link to the complete article.



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