10 behaviors of the hyper-successful

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(MoneyWatch) COMMENTARY Money and its material manifestations are the most typical measures of a person’s professional success, but they’re not always telling or even accurate: We all know it’s possible to buy nice things without being financially successful (debt is an unfortunately common substitute for net worth). So I rarely make assumptions about a person’s business or other financial accomplishments based on clothes, cars, boats or houses.

Knowing and dealing with many highly successful people, I’ve found that there are behaviors and characteristics that are much less superficial and more telling than just acquiring status symbols. In my observation of ultra-high achievers, the more professionally successful they are:

•  The less stuff they carry: The most successful people I know never carry laptops, briefcases or much of anything else, other than (usually two) phones.

•  The fewer calls they answer or return: Even with those two phones, top dogs rarely return calls that aren’t critical to their own business or personal needs.

•  The harder they are to reach by anyone or any means.

[These are the first three of ten defining characteristics of the “hyper-successful.”

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But there is an important central theme that’s valuable to all of us, regardless of where we are on the ladder, whether we admire these behaviors or are put off by them, or whether the list accurately reflects our own style or aspirations. No matter what combination of these characteristics the Masters of the Universe might possess, the bottom line is the same: Without exception, the people at the very top of the business ladder don’t waste time.

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