Managing Your Career: A book review by Bob Morris

Managing Your Career: The HBR Working Parents Series
Daisy Dowling, Series Editor
Harvard Business School Press (December 2020)

“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”  Oscar Wilde

This is one of the volumes in a new series that consists of articles previously published in the Harvard Business Review. Various tips, articles, and strategies can help working parents  to cope with “the job that never ends.”

Daisy Dowling suggests that working parents who read the nineteen HBR articles in this book will be helped to achieve objectives that include these:

o Shorten and tame their to-do list
o Bring their work skills home and their home skills to work
o Prioritize more thoughtfully and effectively
o Get more done in the time they have available
o Defuse conflicts that rear up when pulled in two (or more) directions

Keep in mind that if all the articles were purchased separately as reprints, the total cost would be about $170. Amazon’s paperbound edition costs only $23.99.

I presume to offer two suggestions to those who are about to read this book. First, check out the set of “Quick Takes” at the beginning of each of the articles. This will guide you to what is probably of greatest interest and value.

Also, keep a lined notebook near at hand while reading the book so that you can record questions, comments, page references, etc. This will facilitate, indeed expedite frequent review of key material later.

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