How to transform your organization’s DNA to thrive in the digital age

Michael Gale and Chris Aarons have identified what they characterize as “seven drivers of digital opportunity.” Each is thoroughly explained in The Double Helix (Greenleaf Book Group Press, October 2017). Here they are, accompanied by questions I think leaders must ask:

1. The compression of supply and demand near instant installment
Question: “Are we ready?”

2. Shifting demographics are changing customer needs and expectations
Questions: “Which are changing? Why?”

3. Access to more and more information is leveling the playing field in every market
Question: “Which markets are of greatest potential value to us?”

4. Pay-as-you-go provides infinite ability to scale every facet of a business
Questions: “Which facets of our business? Do we now have the resources we will need?”

5. New competitors are built to be digital from day one
Question: “Which pose the greatest threat?”

6. The rate of change is extremely exponential
Question: “Is our agility sufficient?”

7. The trade-offs between price, efficiency, and innovation have disappeared
Question: “What specifically are the implications of this to use?”

“The Seven Drivers [see Pages 34-46] should be part of every conversation you have when making decisions and building strategy with peers, colleagues, and partners. Without awareness and conscious conversation about these drivers, how you expect to have a structured approach to benefiting from a win in the digital era?”

* * *

Michael Gale founded Strategic Oxygen in 2001, which was widely seen as one of the technology industry’s primary data toolsets for marketers, used by over 20 brands and used to model over $4 billion in marketing and sales investments.

Chris Aarons has helped launch dozens of companies and products using a unique mix of digital, sales, and marketing strategies. At Pulse¬point Group, Chris helped leading organizations become digital in both their practice and delivery.

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