Choose the Right Place to Have a Sensitive Discussion


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When you’re trying to resolve a conflict with a colleague, the venue will have an effect on whether you both feel able to speak freely, express any emotions, and reach a resolution.

o Select a location where you’ll both be comfortable. Ideally, you want the conversation to happen face-to-face and in private.

o Maybe you’ll meet in a neutral conference room or at a nearby coffee shop.

o Or you might take a walk outside together for a change of scenery.

o Avoid choosing a place that gives you or your coworker an advantage. Inviting someone into your office puts you in a power position, for example, because it’s your space and you’re the one sitting behind a desk.

o And when choosing a conference room, think about who’s in the adjacent rooms. Sometimes walls are thinner than you think.

Adapted from the HBR Guide to Dealing with Conflict, by Amy Gallo

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