Bring the Joy of Learning to Your Job

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We all know that thrilling feeling of learning something new — a new recipe, a new word in a foreign language, a new chord on the guitar. And yet, so many of us go through our workdays on autopilot without setting aside time to learn something new. How can you introduce the joy of learning into your professional life?

o Start by taking control of what you read to better yourself and your career. Pay attention to what genuinely interests you, rather than relying on a website’s algorithm for recommendations.

o Have an open mind about what “counts” as learning — you can find unexpected opportunities in movies, conversations with friends, speeches, or social media feeds.

o Finally, keep a list of what you’ve learned lately, how you’ve used that new knowledge, and what you hope to learn in the future. You’ll stay focused and motivated by tracking your progress and setting new goals.

Taking these steps will help you take your professional learning and development into your own hands — and have some fun with it.

The Simple Joy of Learning on the Job,” by Marc Zao-Sanders and Catalina Schveninger.

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