A Guide to Agile Atrategy

In SCRAMBLE, his latest of eight books, Mart Neumeier explains how agile strategy “can build epic brands in record time.”

These are the core components of the older traditional model and process:

1. Assess your current position
2. Research the market from threats and opportunities
3. Envision a range of scenarios
4. Get agreement on a direction
5. Establish a coherent vision
6. Identify strategic goals
7. Translate the goals into tactics
8. Arrange for funding

It’s a long list of sequential steps, each step building on the previous one.

But what if you were to approach the steps simultaneously instead if sequentially? Wouldn’t that speed up the process?

It would and it does. It’s called agile strategy…By adopting a more collaborative approach to strategy, and working simultaneously, agile teams can complete a framework for a new business brand in fewer than three weeks.

* * *

Here’s my take.

Given the fact that today’s business world is more volatile, more uncertain, more complex, and more volatile than ever before, I view each of the eight components as an “initiative in progress.” If (HUGE “if”) members of a management team are agile thinkers, they should be able to modify their assessment according to what research reveals, re-envision scenarios when obtaining buy-in…you get the idea.

Marty Neumeier fully understands the WHAT of managing a new brand and WHY that is imperative to a brand’s identity, energy, impact, and durability. If achieving success is a scramble, it follows therefore, that those who manage that brand must have a mindset that can also scramble to accommodate constant change. In his latest, most important book, he explains HOW.

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