3 Tips for Making a High-Stakes Decision


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Even the most decisive manager can face despair when dealing with a high-stakes matter.

Next time you’re up against a career-making decision, trying doing these three things:

1. Trust, and challenge, your gut. In some cases, your first instinct may be right, but it’s probably not based on rational thought. It’s important to question your initial reaction and test it once you’ve gathered more data.

2. Check your bias. Self-interest can be subconscious. Recognize when you may be partial and ask a trusted peer to double-check your decision for any prejudice.

3. Involve others. Big decisions shouldn’t happen in a vacuum. Consult with others to gather differing opinions. This will help you make a more informed choice and give you a better shot at winning buy-in.

Today’s Management Tip was adapted from “How to Make a High-Stakes Decision” by Amy Gallo.

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