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The Golden Age of Neuroscience Has Arrived

Here is an excerpt from an article by Micio Kaku for the Wall Street Journal in which he shares his thoughts about the fact that we have learned more about the thinking brain in the last 10-15 years than in all of human history. … READ MORE

Anne-Marie Slaughter on why “Caring is our most important work”

SlaughterHere is a portion of Stew Friedman’s conversation with Anne-Marie Slaughter during which she explains why she thinks that “caring is our most important work.” The conversation is part of a series sponsored by Wharton School’s Work/Life Integration Project. Work … READ MORE

Welders Make $150,000? Bring Back Shop Class

WeldersHere is a brief excerpt from an article by Josh Mandel for the Wall Street Journal. To read the complete article, check out others, and obtain subscription information, please click here.

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In American high schools, it is becoming increasingly … READ MORE

David Brooks asks, “Should you live for your résumé … or your eulogy?”

TED TalksRichard Saul Wurman created the TED conference in 1984 as a onetime event. (As you may already know, TED refers to Technology, Education, and Design.) It became a four-day conference six years later. Chris Anderson purchased TED in 2001. … READ MORE

Garry Kasparov: Cut Off the Russian Oligarchs and They’ll Dump Putin

Putin & Obama
Here is a brief excerpt from an article by for the Wall Street Journal in which Garry Kasparov suggests that U.S. foreign policy target Russian oligarchs’ assets abroad, their mansions and IPOs in London, their yachts. In other words, use banks, not … READ MORE

Invaluable advice for job-hunting college seniors

JobHere is a brief excerpt from an article by David l. Pierce for the Wall Street Journal. You may have a college senior in your family or know one or more elsewhere. If so, I hope you will share it. To read the complete article, … READ MORE

Michael E. Porter on “The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy”

Porter, MHere is a brief excerpt from an article written by Michael Porter for Harvard Business Review in which he reaffirms, updates, and extends his earlier, classic HBR article, “How Competitive Forces Shape Strategy” (1979). He also addresses common misunderstandings, provides practical guidance for users … READ MORE

Peter Weill on Digitally Driven Customer-Centricity

WeillPeter Weill is chairman and senior research scientist at the Center for Information Systems Research (CISR) at the MIT Sloan School of Management. He recently spoke with The Boston Consulting Group’s Benjamin Rehberg about ways that financial services companies can use digital technologies to drive … READ MORE

The Biography Abraham Lincoln Deserved

LincolnOn this Presidents’ Day weekend, at least some of us will think about Abraham Lincoln (February 12, 1809 and George Washington (born on February 22, 1732) and again wonder how they would resolve the several challenges our nation now faces. Here is a brief excerpt … READ MORE


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