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The Wisdom of Peter Drucker from A to Z

Here is an excerpt from an article by Leigh Buchanan for Inc. magazine in which she examines Drucker’s contributions, from A to Z. To read the complete article, check out others, and obtain subscription information, please click here.


Brian J. Robertson on Holacracy: An interview by Bob Morris

RobertsonBrian Robertson is an experienced entrepreneur, CEO, and organizational pioneer. Forbes and Fast Company credit him for developing Holacracy, a comprehensive management system for governing and running organizations that are fast, agile, and that succeed by pursuing their purpose, free from the tyranny of top-down planning … READ MORE

Key contributors to success and failure for leaders in navigating diverse and changing strategic environments

Your Strategy NeedsIn their recently published book, Your Strategy Needs a Strategy: How to Choose and Execute the Right Approach, published by Harvard Business Review Press (2015), Martin Reeves, Knut Haanaes, and Janmejava Sinha offer these … READ MORE

Thinkers 50 Leadership: A book review by Bob Morris

50 LeadershipThinkers 50 Leadership: Organizational Success through Leadership
Stuant Crainer and Des Dearlove
McGraw-Hill Education

What is the cutting-edge thinking about how leadership can achieve and then sustain organizational success?

This is one of the volumes in a series published by McGraw-Hill Education and co-authored by Stuant Crainer … READ MORE

A Culture of Purpose: A book review by Bob Morris

Culture:PurposeA Culture of Purpose: How to Choose the Right People and Make the Right People Choose You
Christoph Lueneburger
Jossey-Bass/A Wiley Brand (2014)

A brilliant analysis of perhaps the single most important dimension of organizational alignment

Accord to Jim Collins in Good to Great, one of the … READ MORE

The Everything Store: A book review by Bob Morris

Everything StoreThe Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon
Brad Stone
Little, Brown and Company (2013)

How and why “Amazon may be the most beguiling company that ever existed, and it is just getting started”

Disclaimer: Several reviewers (including MacKenzie Bezos) have … READ MORE

The Wisdom of Titans: A book review by Bob Morris

Wisdom TitansThe Wisdom of Titans: Secrets of Success from Entrepreneurs Who Rose to the Top
William Ferguson
bibliomotion books + media (2013)

“Vision without execution is hallucination.” Thomas Edison

According to William Ferguson, “After interviewing the eleven titans for this book, and based upon my knowledge of … READ MORE

Robert Steven Kaplan: An interview by Bob Morris

Kaplan, RSRobert Steven Kaplan is the Martin Marshall Professor of Management Practice and Senior Associate Dean at Harvard Business School. He is also and co-chairman of Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, a global venture philanthropy firm.

Prior to joining Harvard Business School in September 2005, Rob served as … READ MORE

Six Secrets to Doing Less and Accomplishing More

s+bHere is a brief excerpt from an article written by by Matthew E. May for strategy+business magazine, published by Booz & Company. In it, he explains why the best innovation strategies are rooted in the art of subtraction. To read the complete article, check out others, … READ MORE

Fear Your Strengths: A book review by Bob Morris

Fear Your StrengthsFear Your Strengths: What You Are Best at Could Be Your Biggest Problem
Robert Kaplan and Robert Kaiser
Berrett-Koehler Publishers (2013)

Actually, what we should fear are complacency and self-satisfaction as well as the assumption that “just good enough” really is.



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