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Become a Better Listener by Taking Notes

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Sabina Nawaz for Harvard Business Review and the HBR Blog Network. To read the complete article, check out the wealth of … READ MORE

George Anders on “Making Feedback Pay Off”

Making FeedbackHere is a brief excerpt from an article written by George Anders for Forbes magazine where he is a contributing writer. To read the complete article, check out a wealth of resources, and … READ MORE

Kristi Hedges: An interview by Bob Morris

Kristi Hedges is a leadership coach, speaker and author. In her 20-year career working with leaders to help them communicate more effectively she’s encountered every personality type imaginable, yet remains more than a little passionate that anyone can learn presence. Her workshops and leadership coaching programs have been utilized by … READ MORE

Meg Whitman’s Onboarding into Hewlett-Packard

Geortge Bradt


Here is George Bradt‘s latest post at the Prime Genesis website. To learn more about George and the firm as well as check out a wealth of valuable resources, please click here.

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Rich Horwath: An interview by Bob Morris

Horwath, RichRich Horwath is a national thought-leader on strategy, having appeared on NBC, WGN, and FOX TV to discuss the strategic aspect of current issues. He is the founder and president of the Strategic Thinking Institute, a former chief strategy officer, and professor of … READ MORE

Lisa Hershman: An interview by Bob Morris

Lisa Hershman is a seasoned business professional and author, who brings a wealth of real-world experience and an innovative style to her position at Hammer and Company. Prior to joining Hammer and Company, … READ MORE