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Sunni Brown on “14 Tips for Doodling Auditory Content in Real Time”

Brown, SunniIn The Doodle Revolution, Sunni Brown explains how to “unlock the power to think differently.”

Of special interest to me is what she has to say about how to become a much more effective listener. She offers 14 specific tips (Pages … READ MORE

This Post Will Make You a More Effective Communicator in 90 Seconds

This Post Will
Here is a brief excerpt from a must-read article by Shane Snow, featured by The Freelance Strategist. To read the complete article and check out the wealth of resources, please click here.

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David Burkus: An interview by Bob Morris

BurkusDavid Burkus is the author of The Myths of Creativity: The Truth About How Innovative Companies and People Generate Great Ideas. David is Assistant Professor of Management at the College of Business at Oral Roberts University, where he teaches courses on leadership, … READ MORE

David Burkus on “Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and the unconscious creative mind”

BurkusIn his latest book, The Myths of Creativity: The Truth About How Innovative Companies and People Generate Great Ideas, David Burkus dispels ten myths, including The Eureka Myth: “the notion that all creative ideas arrive in a ‘eureka’ moment.” The term is from … READ MORE

Tim Ferriss on “Scientific Speed Reading: How to Read 300% Faster in 20 Minutes”

FerrissHere is an excerpt from a blog post by Tim Ferriss who explains that increasing reading speed is a process of controlling fine motor movement—period. To read the complete article, please click here.

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How much more could you get done … READ MORE

Pat Lencioni’s Latest Point of View: The Lost Art of Simplicity

LencioniHere is a brief excerpt from Pat Lencioni‘s latest Point of View. To read the complete article and check out other resources, please click here.

* * *

This is going to be a difficult POV to write, because making a case for the power … READ MORE

Lisa Bodell: An interview by Bob Morris

lisa bodellA globally recognized innovation leader and futurist, Lisa Bodell founded futurethink in 2003 to provide a simple approach to the otherwise complicated topic of innovation. Working with leading brands such as Starwood, Merck, and Sprint, futurethink has become the largest source of innovation research, … READ MORE

Scott Berkun on “What To Do When Things Go Wrong”

Making Things HappenIn Making Things Happen: Mastering Project Management (O’Reilly Media 2008), Scott Berkun provides an abundance of information, insights, and counsel on how to master project management, whatever the nature and extent of a project may be. Inevitably, problems … READ MORE

All In: What Leadership Can Do to Capture and Utilize the Power of Fully Engaged Employees

Elton 1When someone is referred to as the “Apostle of Appreciation,” it’s hard not to think that they might be passionate about employee engagement and culture. The Inc. Small Giants Community’s Executive Director, Raul Candeloro, sat down with Chester Elton, author of All In (along … READ MORE

Andy Molinsky: An interview by Bob Morris

MolinskyAndy Molinsky is an associate professor at Brandeis University’s International Business School, with a joint appointment in the Department of Psychology. He is also the author of Global Dexterity: How to Adapt Behavior Across Cultures Without Losing Yourself in the Process, published by Harvard Business … READ MORE

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