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Do Your People Know Which Way to Go?

Conant-1Here is a brief excerpt from an article by Doug Conant, featured by LinkedIn Pulse. To read the complete article, check out others, and sign up to receive email alerts, please click here.


Reinventing Society in the Wake of Big Data: A Conversation with Alex (“Sandy”) Pentland


According to John Brockman, Publisher & Editor,, “With Big Data we can now begin to actually look at the details of social interaction and how those play out, and are no … READ MORE

Tim Richardson: Part 1 of an interview by Bob Morris


Formerly, Tim Richardson headed Leadership and Talent at PWC (2000-2009), where he was the driving force behind the creation of an integrated talent strategy and leadership development. He started his career in financial services. He now focuses on talent and leadership consultancy bringing insights to senior … READ MORE

Why People Are Drawn to Narcissists Like Donald Trump

Trump-1Here is an excerpt from an article written by Michael Maccoby for Harvard Business Review and the HBR Blog Network. To read the complete article, check out the wealth of free resources, obtain subscription information, and … READ MORE

The 7 Skills of Talent Valuation

FitzenzHere is an excerpt from an article written by Jac Fitz-enz for Talent Management magazine. He recommends seven skills that can give talent managers the intelligence needed to create competitive advantage in the marketplace. To read the complete … READ MORE

High-Impact Human Capital Strategy: A book review by Bob Morris

High-Impact HumanHigh-Impact Human Capital Strategy: Addressing the 12 Major Challenges Today’s Organizations Face
Jack J. Phillips and Patricia Pulliam Phillips
AMACOM (2015)

“It is our duty as men and women to proceed as though the limits of our abilities … READ MORE

Social Physics: A book review by Bob Morris

Social PhysicsSocial Physics: How Social Networks Can Make Us Smarter
Alex Pentland
Penguin Books (2014)

How to increase our understanding of “the dynamics of human society, and hence our ability to plan for the future”

Alex (“Sandy”) Pentland is among the most influential thought leaders in a new … READ MORE

The Power of Organizational Judgment

Judgment CallsIn one of Tom Davenport’s recent books, Judgment Calls , he and co-author Brooke Manville offer “an antidote for the Great Man theory of decision making and organizational performance”: organizational judgment. That is, “the collective capacity to make good calls and wise moves … READ MORE

HBR Guide to Leading Teams: A book review by Bob Morris

HBR Guide:Leading TeamsHBR Guide to Leading Teams
Mary Shapiro
Harvard Business Review Press (2015)

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and … READ MORE

Business Bestsellers or Best Business Books?


For those self-described “book lovers” who only obsess about business bestsellers, here are the “Top Ten” (thus far) in 2015 according to Amazon US:

1. Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future
Ashlee Vance

2. Team … READ MORE