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Jim Collins: One Q&A on Leaders as Sheepdogs

Collins, JimIn Thinkers 50 Leadership, Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove include an interview of Jim Collins. Here is one of the Q&As:

What do you think will be the characteristics of the new generation of leaders?

I think … READ MORE

50 Politics Classics: A book review by Bob Morris

50 Politics50 Politics Classics: Freedom Equality Power: Mind-Changing, World-Changing Ideas from Fifty Landmark Books
Tom Butler-Bowdon
Nicholas Brealey Publishing (2015)

“The world is a dangerous place to live…because of the people who don’t do anything about it.” Albert Einstein

Actually, the complete quotation is this: “The world … READ MORE

A New Multinational Mission

MITSloan 1Here is the conclusion of a brilliant article (“The New Mission for Multinationals”) co-authored by José F.P. Santos and Peter J. Williamson that appeared in MIT Sloan Management Review. To read the complete … READ MORE

Firms Recognize Engagement

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Amy Whyte for Talent Management magazine. She discusses how and why recognition programs are among the top methods companies use to promote employee engagement. To read … READ MORE

Thinkers 50 Innovation: A book review by Bob Morris

50 InnovationThinkers 50 Innovation: Breakthrough Thinking to Take Your Business to the Next Level
Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove
McGraw-Hill Education (2014)

How does an organization establish and/or strengthen a capability for discontinuous innovation?

This is one of the volumes in a series published by McGraw-Hill Education and … READ MORE

Four invaluable caveats when engulfed in “playing politics”

HBR Guide:PoliticsIn HBR Guide to Office Politics, published by Harvard Business Review Press 2014), Karen Dillon offers an abundance of information, in sights, and counsel that can help almost anyone to rise above rivalry, avoid power games, and build better relationships, not only at … READ MORE

Gates, Gladwell, Cain, and More: 17 Presentation Secrets From Superb TED Talks

Want to make a genuine impact on your audience? Here are some simple ways…and some great examples to emulate…that Jeff Haden provides in an article featured by Inc. magazine. To read the complete article, check … READ MORE

Be More Productive Between Meetings

Here is another valuable Management Tip of the Day from Harvard Business Review. To sign up for a free subscription to any/all HBR newsletters, please click here.

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A busy schedule of meetings often means … READ MORE

Why Bridge—Not Chess—Is the Ultimate War Game

Here is a brief excerpt from an article by Michael Ledeen for The Wall Street Journal. To read the complete article, check out others, and obtain subscription information, please click here.

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10 Painless Ways to Free Up Major Chunks of Time

Here is a brief excerpt from an article by Jeff Haden, featured by LinkedIn Pulse. To read the complete article, check out others, and sign up to receive email alerts, please … READ MORE