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Edgar Schein on “A Healthy Culture”

Schein, EdgarLong ago when first involved in efforts to help restore an ailing organization to good health, I realized that an organization is only as healthy as its people are, and, that one’s mental must be measured within … READ MORE

Michelle Peluso (chief executive of Gilt Groupe) in “The Corner Office”

PelusoAdam Bryant conducts interviews of senior-level executives that appear in his “Corner Office” column each week in the SundayBusiness section of The New York Times. Here are a few insights provided during an interview … READ MORE

Obliquity: A book review by Bob Morris


Obliquity: Why our goals are best achieved indirectly
John Kay
Penguin Books (2011)

“Tell all the truth but tell it slant. Success in circuit lies.”  Emily Dickinson

The Dickinson quotation suggests — as does the subtitle of John Kay’s book — that there are situations in which goals … READ MORE

Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way: A book review by Bob Morris

Building Your BusinessBuilding Your Business the Right-Brain Way: Sustainable Success for the Creative Entrepreneur
Jennifer Lee
New World Library (2014)

This is a WORK book for those who are willing and able to nourish and make effective use of their right brain.

Although Jennifer Lee … READ MORE

The Failure Myth

DanielsHere is an excerpt from an article written by Aubrey Daniels for Talent Management magazine. To read the complete article, check out all the resources, and sign up for a free subscription to the TM and/or Chief Learning Officer magazines published by MedfiaTec, please click READ MORE

Innovation the NASA Way: A book review by Bob Morris

Inno NASA WayInnovation the NASA Way: Harnessing the Power of Your Organization for Breakthrough Success
Rod Pyle
McGraw-Hill (2014)

Valuable business lessons to be learned from a truly unique “engine of innovation”

Until reading and then re-reading this book, almost everything I knew about the … READ MORE

When big data goes lean

When Big DataHere is a brief excerpt from an article written by Rajat Dhawan, Kunwar Singh, and Ashish Tuteja for the McKinsey Quarterly, published by McKinsey & Company. They are convinced that the combination of advanced analytics and lean management could be worth tens of billions … READ MORE

Reinventing Organizations: A book re view by Bob Morris

Reinventing OrgsReinventing Organizations: A Guide to Creating Organizations Inspired by the Next Stage of Human Consciousness
Frederic Laloux
Nelson Parker (2014)

How and why to create, develop, and sustain “a more soulful, purposeful, and productive workplace”

Recent and extensive research on workplace cultures in the … READ MORE

Rich Kalgaard: A Brief Q&A

KarlgaardHere is a brief Q&A that Amazon features in conjunction with Rich Kalgaard‘s book, The Soft Edge: Where Great Companies Find Lasting Success.

* * *

The Soft Edge seems to tie into many of the trending themes … READ MORE

The Six Steps of the Scientific Method

KarlgaardAs Rich Karlgaard explains in The Soft Edge: Where Great Companies Find Lasting Success, the scientific method consists of six steps:

1. Observe and describe phenomena.
2. Sort them out and organize within categories.
3. Measure correlations … READ MORE