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Laura Vanderkam: An interview by Bob Morris

As another new year approaches….


It has been a pleasure as well as a privilege to read and review so many outstanding books and interview those who wrote them, then be able to share this wealth of material with others throughout the world.

This will be my last post in 2013….


James Citrin’s “Big Idea 2014”: The One Crucial Leadership Skill Is Agility

206Here is a brief excerpt from an article written by James Citrin for LinkedIn’s “Big Ideas 2014” series in which LinkedIn Influencers pick one big idea that will shape 2014. To read … READ MORE

The Kid: A book review by Dave Bry

The Kid“Natural hitter my ass” was Williams’ response when someone suggested he was a great “natural hitter.” In fact, he had spent more time than any other baseball player ever has — or ever will– working on the techniques … READ MORE

The New “Four Ps”: Everything You Need to Know About Your Customers

27bd7dfHere is an excerpt from an article by David Edelman for LinkedIn Pulse. To read the complete article and check out others, please click here.

Image: Chrisinplymoth/Flickr

* * *

Every marketer at some point early on … READ MORE

Moral Tribes: A book review by Bob Morris

Moral TribesMoral Tribes: Emotion, Reason, and the Gap Between Us and Them
Joshua Greene
The Penguin Press (2013)

How and why “we can improve our prospects for peace and prosperity by improving the way we think about moral problems”

When I was a child growing up in Chicago, … READ MORE

Onora O’Neill on “What we don’t understand about trust”

O'NeilTrust is on the decline, and we need to rebuild it. That’s a commonly heard suggestion for making a better world … but, says philosopher Onora O’Neill, we don’t really understand what we’re suggesting. She flips the question, … READ MORE

Tim Brown on “The Need for More Darwin and Less Newton in Our Approach to Design”

Tim Brown

Tim Brown

In 1969, Nobel Laureate Herbert Simon noted: “Engineering, medicine, business, architecture, and painting are concerned not with the necessary but with the contingent — not with how things are, but with they might be — in short, with design. … READ MORE

Heretics and Heroes: A book review by Bob Morris

HereticsHeretics and Heroes: How Renaissance Artists and Reformation Priests Created Our World
Thomas Cahill
Nan A. Talese/Doubleday (2013)

A brilliant examination of who and what accelerated the development of western civilization

This is Volume VI in Thomas Cahill’s “Hinges of History” series and as he explains, … READ MORE

The cement truck metaphor


Years ago, I devised a metaphor for business that helps to illustrate two defining characteristics of a healthy organization.

Let’s express it in the form of a question:

“What would happen around … READ MORE