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Why Josh Linker Advocates “The Creative Twist”

Linkner, JoshHere is an especially interesting statement by Josh Linker, featured by his website, during which he cites three examples of how outstanding results were produced — against all odds and in … READ MORE

Steven Colbert’s memorable commencement address


I had seen clips from Steven Colbert‘s commencement address at the University of Virginia (“You Owe The Previous Generation Nothing”) but only recently watched his entire address. Before you watch the video … READ MORE

Lewis Schiff: Part 1 of an interview by Bob Morris

Schiff, LLewis Schiff is the executive director of Inc. Business Owners Council, a membership organization for Inc. Magazine’s top entrepreneurs and owners of closely-held family businesses and maintains a blog about behavioral entrepreneurship on

His new book, Business … READ MORE

IBM — Shades of Yogi Berra

YogiYoga Berra is arguably the greatest catcher in the history of Major League Baseball, although Johnny Bench certainly has his advocates. However, Berra is more widely known for his unique way of expressing his thoughts. He insists — … READ MORE

Leadership Brand: A book review by Bob Morris

Leadership BrandLeadership Brand: Developing Customer-Focused Leaders to Drive Performance and Build Lasting Value
Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood
McGraw-Hill (2007)

“The journey to leadership brand begins with the self.”

Note: I recently re-read this book before reading the co-authors’ latest book, Leadership Sustainability: Seven Disciplines to … READ MORE

Why Basketball Won’t Leave Phil Jackson Alone

Why BasketballHere is a brief excerpt from an article written by Sam Anderson for The New York Times in which he explains “why basketball won’t leave Phil Jackson alone” and why “everyone … READ MORE

David Wethey: An interview by Bob Morris

Wethey, David 2After graduating in PPE from Jesus College, Oxford, David Wethey joined AC Nielsen in 1965, where he presented Marketing Research to leading marketing companies. However, the London agency world beckoned and in … READ MORE

Leading Firms: A book review by Bob Morris

Leading FirmsLeading Firms: How Great Professional Service Firms Succeed & How Your Firm Can Too
David Kuhlman
SelectBooks (2013)

Valuable perspectives on the unique and complicated world of professional services

Since 1986 when I established my independent management consulting firm, I have been retained by a number of … READ MORE

Culturematic: A book review by Bob Morris

CulturematicCulturematic: How Reality TV, John Cheever, a Pie Lab, Julia Child, Fantasy Football . . . Will Help You Create and Execute Breakthrough Ideas
Grant McCracken
Harvard Business Review Press (2013)

How to test the world and discover meaning in order to unleash value…sometimes


How to Keep Innovation Jams Small and Focused



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Bringing together people from different backgrounds to creatively brainstorm a problem — otherwise known as “jamming” … READ MORE