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How highest-performing labs use the best talent-management practices

Here is an excerpt from another outstanding article now available at the website of The McKinsey Quarterly, published by McKinsey & Company. It was co-authored by Wouter Aghina, Marc de Jong, and Daniel Simon.


Jonathan Franzen on why “Liking is for cowards. Go for what hurts.”

Illustration by Sarah Illenberger; Photograph by Ragnar Schmuck

The title of this commentary is provided by Jonathan Franzen from an article of his that appeared in The New … READ MORE

Leave Your Bad Day at Work

Here is another valuable Management Tip of the Day from Harvard Business Review. To sign up for a free subscription to any/all HBR newsletters, please click here.

We all have them: … READ MORE

Management?: A book review by Bob Morris

Management? It’s Not What You Think!
Henry Mintzberg, Bruce Ahlstrand, and Joseph Lampel
AMACOM (2010)

If conventional wisdom about management were a piñata….

What we have here is a collection of highly unconventional perspectives, presented within a highly … READ MORE

“There is a tendency to shrug off the overriding, glaring fact of 1861”

The title of this commentary has been quoted from an article written by Neil Genzingler for The New York Times (“Old-Time Stuff Is Not Forgotten,” Sunday, May 29, 2001) in which … READ MORE

Joe’s Journal: On Creating the Future

Joseph A. Maciarello

Here is the latest post by Joseph A. Maciariello featured in the Joe’s Journal series at the Drucker Exchange (DX) sponsored by the Drucker Institute. The Drucker Exchange (the Dx) is a platform for bettering society … READ MORE

Baseball’s Loss of Innocence

Here is an article written by Douglas Goetsch and now featured online by The American Scholar, the venerable but lively quarterly magazine of public affairs, literature, science, history, and culture published by the Phi Beta Kappa Society since 1932. In recent years … READ MORE

How to Reverse-Engineer Criticism

Maurice Ewing

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Maurice Ewing for the Harvard Business Review blog’s “Conversation” series. To read the complete article, check out the wealth of free resources, and sign up for a … READ MORE

Christine Lagarde: “a woman who dominates without domineering”

Christine Lagarde (Istvan Banyai)

As I read Maureen Dowd’s column about Christine Lagarde in The New York Times (“For Office Civility, Cherchez La Femme,” Sunday, May, 29, 2011), I … READ MORE

Liz Elting (TransPerfect) in “The Corner Office”

Liz Elting (Photo: Nicole Bengiveno/NYT)

Adam Bryant conducts interviews of senior-level executives that appear in his “Corner Office” column each week in the SundayBusiness section of The New York Times. … READ MORE